Introduction to Sportslive

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SportLIVE has been developed over the past decade to enhance the delivery of screen based media and content at sporting venues of all types. By combining today’s latest technologies in media delivery, networking, graphics generation and custom software development, SportLIVE enhances the experience for the crowd with compelling, captivating and current content.

SportLIVE is an aid to enhance the effectiveness of Sport Presentation for large multi-sport events. The heart of the system is the SportLIVE Control Software, a simple to use interface that allows an operator at a venue to easily manage content presentation and flow to the venue big screen. All video play-back of packages, television commercials, stadium announcements, full screen realtime 3D graphics, statistics and effects are all managed by the operator using a single user interface tailored to the sport being played at a venue. All content can be scheduled so the right content is seen by the right people at the right time. The modular design of the software and hardware components mean it is easy to interface and adapt to any sport. Currently SportLIVE has modules for over 30 major sports as well as some less know ones too. SportLIVE’s Stats stream module allows for the importing of Statistical data usually provided by the host broadcaster and their data provider into the software to allow for the real-time generation of on-screen graphical overlays of elements like live stats, scores, player profiles and more.

The SportLIVE Vision Interface allows for SportLIVE to be integrated into virtually any video environment. SportLIVE’s modular design means it is easily scaled up or down depending on the video infrastructure installed at a particular venue. SportLIVE can stand alone and be scaled up to run an entire venue, or be used for only part of the big screen production requirement of a sport or venue. All display formats are supported, from HD and SD, 4:3 and 16:9.

SportLIVE is networked, so sharing of content over a number of venues during a large multi-sport event is possible. Content can be created centrally, and then distributed over the network to each venue with changes to content able to be made virtually instantly. Full local and remote access to the SportLIVE control software means a major win or inspiring moment from one venue can be shared with all other venues. This brings the crowd much closer to all the action from all venues thus enhancing the overall venue experience.

SportLIVE creates a uniform and manageable environment for enhanced sports presentation. SportLIVE helps maintain a common look and feel across all venues while still maintain a highly flexible and adaptive environment, so as the games play out, SportLIVE stays in tune and enhances the performance.