New Products

New Products

Stratacache Primasee

Create, schedule, edit and monitor your marketing messages from any web browser with STRATACACHE’S ActiVia or Scala for digital signage. Centrally deliver real-time, targeted messages to specific locations based on customer demographics and promotional campaigns. Whether you have ten locations or tens of thousands, ActiVia is robust enough to power your entire digital signage network.

  • Deliver dynamic, targeted messages
  • Build brand awareness
  • Boost customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Increase sales of products and services
  • Enhance the customer experience 
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Eliminate static signage printing costs

Maximise the shopping experience with interactive translucent displays.

Bring In-Store Ads to Life

Imagine your customers walking down the cooler aisle viewing full-motion video that displays interactive, promotional messages. With STRATACACHE’S Primasee, you can display eye-catching video within the door without obstructing your products in the cooler. When displayed next to unbranded cooler doors, your messages stand apart from competitors, heightening interest and placing your brand at the top of every consumer’s mind.


  • Full-motion video displays high-definition media
  • Interactive touch screen guides consumers to additional products and promotions
  • Audio sync with full-motion video to enhance messaging 
  • Gestural interactivity capability
  • Built in audience measurement camera 
  • Product measurement cameras alert employees to brand compliance issues or when products need to be restocked
  • Dynamic QR codes enables instant downloads of promotions of coupons 
  • Wireless connectivity provides the ability to instantly update content

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