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New Products

Background Music

TechMedia is an experienced end‐to‐end Digital Signage systems provider, offering complete system design, software, hardware, content, service and support. With a current client base already having a prerequisite for Background Music it was only a matter of time that a Background Music solution would be added to it's commanding list of services.

TechMedia developed a music solution that is seamlessly controlled and managed through Scala Content Manager and Players. Clients already using Scala will generally have no additional software or hardware expense to upgrade to Background Music.

Partnering with Australia’s leading music industry professionals, TechMedia provides tailored music playlists for physical spaces. Our music consultants educate themselves about our client brands to build a schedule of playlists that work through multiple channels and can alter at different times of the day.

Our unique Channel Design process balances entertainment and audience engagement. Music profiling and generating an operational brief on each client gives us vital information about the audience (staff/customers), key brand flavours, the most practical way to deploy the solution, budget constraints and public performance licensing.

The music profile guides the creation of the music programs. It describes the type of tracks that will best meet the environmental condition. We filter information such as genre, BPM, year released, classification and intensity of each track and match it with the demographic, age, atmosphere, song style, brand and theme of the client. The appropriate tracks are selected and reviewed to create the base library of a playlist and periodic program updates. 

A comprehensive business music solution is not just about the selection of music tracks. It involves a process that qualifies the nature and attributes of the “audience” (staff & customers), while appreciating other key attributes of each business such as brand and regional influences, operational set up and budget.

Brands can spend millions of dollars on the interior design of their stores, merchandising and advertising to shape the shopping experience and feel. Music evokes emotion and can be one of the biggest drivers in purchasing. Successful companies realise how important it is to have a well-defined brand sound that reflects the characteristics and values of their business.

With the traffic that flows through retail outlets, the potential exposure for artists to the customers of a brand is huge and growing. Every day millions of people in retail locations get to hear music they either know or otherwise would not have heard.

The dwell time of a customer can also influence the size and rotation of the playlist. In a restaurant setting where customers are sitting for an hour or more will require music playlists that prevent repetition. With customers always on the move, quick‐service brands have a much shorter dwell time. The window of time to musically represent the brand is much smaller. A more focused playlist featuring on-brand content in a high rotation can deliver the greatest impact.

Scala Content Manager controls the music content by selecting and filtering of relevant tracks to create the base library and updates. It uploads the music content direct to the players and manages the scheduling of music to meet time-of-day profiles. Content Manager can also monitor and report on playlists and player diagnostics.

So, what does your brand sound like? contact [email protected]

Industries: Retail, Automotive, QSR, Hospitality, Music On Hold and Banking.