New Products

New Products

Background Music

With a current client base already having a prerequisite for Background Music it was only a matter of time that a Background Music solution would be added to TechMedia's commanding list of services. Partnering with Australia’s leading music industry professionals, TechMedia provide tailored music playlists for physical spaces. We have developed a music solution that is seamlessly controlled and managed through Scala Content Manager and Players. Clients already using Scala products will generally have no additional software or hardware expense to upgrade to Background Music.

Triggr Application

We regularly receive requests from clients asking for functionality specific to their environment. In most cases Scala Enterprise provides the features needed via the Content Manager Web interface, but in some cases, we like to put our scripting skills to the test to refine a function via a customer specific web interface that makes use of the extensive and open Scala Content Manager API to better connect in the way you want, which could be via mobile, tablet, desktop or automated data-driven sources.

Stratacache Primasee

Imagine your customers walking down the cooler aisle viewing full-motion video that displays interactive, promotional messages. With STRATACACHE’S Primasee, you can display eye-catching video within the door without obstructing your products in the cooler. When displayed next to unbranded cooler doors, your messages stand apart from competitors, heightening interest and placing your brand at the top of every consumer’s mind.