CampaignLink Activate

Activate your brand.  CampaignLink Activate turns a passive DOOH display in to an interactive one, by enabling direct control over your content via external data feeds, programatic sources or from smartphones & tablets. This allows you to customise your content to speak directly to the target audience in front of the screen at a particular moment, or by allowing your target audience to interact with the display. Activate is a small, mobile-friendly web interface customised to the needs of your campaign, and it provides as much or as little control as is needed over the content being shown on screen.


Australians love sports – make the most of it in your advertising. Score! integrates your digital media with live scores, stats, leaderboards and updates from sporting events. If it’s being broadcast, it’s available on Score! and it can be a part of your marketing campaign too. Score! helped to broadcast integrated digital media with a live medal tally of the counts of each nation’s medals across a network of Elite Digital Billboard Screens for the 2016 Summer Games.

CampaignLink exposé

The rise of social media and the proliferation of smartphones has brought about a culture where our lives can be shared and seen on screens around the globe. Now, your audience can get themselves seen on DOOH displays as well. Exposé provides a way for audience-generated photos to be integrated in to your digital creative. Billboards can call the audience in to action, encouraging them to upload photos in the context of your marketing campaign. Photos are sent to our CampaignLink servers, where they are approved and displayed on screen as part of your creative template.

CampaignLink Drive

The future is here. Imagine driving along the highway and in a split second the super-sized billboards display a tailor made message just for you. Equipped with cameras, the smart ads take a snapshot of your car as you approach, measure its features and match it against a database to determine its make, model and colour. Using data from numerous live feeds including weather, flow data, light sensors, environmental sensors, camera data, classification services, social media & many other sources Drive delivers an eye catching, jaw dropping platform for potential advertisers to target a specific consumer with a message in real-time. 


Let’s Get Social. Immediate activation of your twitter feeds and other social media live across networks of outdoor digital billboard screens. The minute your post hits the internet it loads into our CampaignLink server ready for approval before it forms part of your advertising creative. Sensationally launched as each new post was broadcast from the Committee’s official Twitter account for the 2016 Summer Games.