Audience Measurement

TechMedia provides Quividi, an extraordinary audience measurement solution developed to measure the impact of your out-of-home communication: from Digital Signage networks (DOOH) to traditional POP material and posters, the Quividi solution can be deployed in retail stores, malls, agencies, boutiques, transportation hubs, restaurants and even museums. TechMedia has been working with Quividi to integrate it seamlessly with our Scala platform for real-time and post analysis use.  

Using a simple video sensor, Quividi uses proprietary image processing technology to count actual viewers and overall opportunities to see (OTS) while accurately measuring attention times and dwell times and estimating the gender and age distributions of the audience watching your Scala screens.
The same technology is used to count passages, so as to know the footfall in key places.

This entirely anonymous set of metrics is made available in real time for your applications to adapt dynamically to its current audience. At the same time, it is securely uploaded to an online datamining application allowing you a precise analysis of your communication solution at all levels of detail: at any time, you’ll know exactly how well you’re doing and you will be able to improve your ROI.

The Quividi solution is available as a software application installed on TechMedia's range of Scala Media Players or as an all-in-one device to measure the strength of your media and the impact of your messages.