Media Creation Devices

Media Creation Devices

  • TriCaster 455

    TriCaster 455

    TriCaster 455 is the affordable, integrated solution to produce your 4-camera, 14-channel, HD live show with maximum creative firepower—but with minimal proportions.
  • TriCaster 855

    TriCaster 855

    TriCaster 855 is a complete, integrated solution for pros delivering big, live productions in native, full-resolution HD.
  • TriCaster 410

    TriCaster 410

    If your business is geared to get somewhere quickly, set up and produce live events—then move on to the next project—don’t burden it with a bunch of extra equipment, setup time and cost.
  • TriCaster 460

    TriCaster 460

    The TriCaster 460 is the most versatile and extensive of our mobile-scale multi-camera video solutions with any-format, any-resolution, any frame-rate I/O and amped-up production capabilities.
  • TriCaster 860

    TriCaster 860

    TriCaster 860 builds on the features of every TriCaster professional model, and adds more channels, more sources, more I/O, more visuals and effects, and higher capacity.
  • TriCaster 8000

    TriCaster 8000

    Publishing hub for all media coming into a live program, all creativity and branding that happens on screen and all variations of the branded program output.