Lift & Learn shows 20% sales uplift

The physical retail stores still provide consumers with the best sensory experience that allows them to touch and feel products, immerse in brand experiences, and engage with sales associates who provide tips and reaffirm shopper enthusiasm for new purchases. Lift & Learn can be an important part of the in-store brand experience to help engage with customers and provide them with a highly tactile and interactive experience.

The solution includes a Scala Player connected to a portrait screen with 6 IoT sensors monitoring 6 Malt Whiskys. A customer can pick up a bottle to learn more about that product or pick up two bottles and see a side by side comparison on screen. With all interactions logged and camera analytics data pushed to Microsoft Azure for further analysis, the customer is able to get deep insight and actionable data about the shopper and their interactions with their products.

Client Liquor Retailer & Microsoft
Completed POC 2015
Technology Scala, Content Delivery, Digital Media Device

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