Creative screen placement reveals a work of art

Standing in front of a set of screens on a 45 degree angle in the shape of a funnel, watching as dynamic elements fall through the funnel like water you wonder how that came together with such perfection! These amazing landscapes utilise a feature of Scala Player termed 'MON files'. This special monitor configuration is a way for a Scala Player to play content on a number of screens installed in an unusual arrangement. The monitor configurations command strings are crafted based on your screen dimensions, resolutions, and orientations. The Scala player interprets the information and adjusts the display output to match the physical monitor placement in your environment. TechMedia is expert at setting up monitor configuration files to handle any creative screen configurations you can dream of. As seen here in the foyer of the new Flight Centre head office, is just one example of a 12 screen artistic video wall layout, running from a single Scala media player.

Client Corporate Lobby Signage
Completed 2016
Technology Scala, Content Delivery, Digital Media Device

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