Content Manager

Scala Enterprise Content Manager

With Scala’s Content Manager, management and control of your network is both improved and simplified – reducing the resources required to control and maintain your network. Template support, plan-based content distribution, timetables, and playlists – keep you in control of your network from wherever you are in the world, from any Internet-connected computer.

  • Easy to Use Interface – Navigate quickly and easily with an intuitive and friendly web-based user interface
  • Templates – User driven content templates make it easy to rapidly create great looking displays by simply adding your own pictures and text. Your design team can create templates using variable data fields that authorized users can later populate and preview through the Content Manager interface.
  • Media Management – Organize your content by file type, categories and metadata so everything is easy to find
  • Playlists – Create playlists using Scala scripts, messages, videos, flash, or static images
  • Schedules – Define and edit playlist time slots with a simple graphical view. With variable recurrence patterns and start/end dates, scheduling your content couldn’t be easier
  • Emergency Messages – Messages can be set to override the display at specific times or when external events occur such as emergencies
  • Smart Playlists – Use player metadata to customize your content dynamically at each point of playback
  • Approvals – Approve content before media can be played. Selected users will receive an email when an approval is required
  • Smart Content Distribution – Content is delivered automatically with each player intelligently picking only the files that are new or have changed
  • Multiple Independent Frames – Easily create multiple frames within a display with each frame playing independent content
  • Multi-channel Support – Run two entirely separate channels from a single player, immediately reducing your hardware, OS licensing, and administration costs
  • Audio Control – Create audio-only channels or play background music that can be automatically ducked when video with its own audio plays
  • Reliable and Scalable – Easy to start small and scale up. Field-proven reliability with more networks installed than any competitor