TechMedia drives Lexus 'Smart Billboard'

The recently publicised innovative Lexus campaign by M&C Saatchi, APN Outdoor & TMS was made possible by the data feed extensions added to the APN Outdoor Digital Advertising platform by TechMedia. 

TechMedia has spent decades delivering innovative Digital Media Solutions for Advertisers and now via our Campaign Link tools brands and agencies can unlock the potential of these new Digital Assets in ways not previously possible. TechMedia uses data from numerous live feeds including weather, flow data, light sensors, environmental sensors, camera data, classification services, social media & many other sources to provide a high level of context for a potential advertiser to target a specific consumer with a message in real-time. The platform has the ability to react to the data being receiving and analyzing it in only a few seconds, creating the potential opportunity to target a responsive message to viewers of the APN Outdoor Elite Screens as they pass by.

TechMedia's development team is investing resources in 2015 to enhance algorithms and bring even greater context to networks of Scala driven screens Australia wide. With the emerging of the internet-of-things, analytics & machine learning platforms, TechMedia will be further refining the accuracy & capabilities of our Campaign Link tools. Stay tuned for further innovations throughout 2015.

Read more about the specific campaign uses for the platform here:

SMH - Targeted Ads are coming to a billboard near you

AdNews - Smart outdoor gets smarter, Lexus targets competitor cars

Something interesting that Hannah from SMH pointed out to us during the interview for the story was that the first Ad in the targeted advertising in the movie, Minority Report, was an Ad for a Lexus.. ;-)




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