Scala Announces Release of Scala Enterprise 11.01

Scala Announces Release of Scala Enterprise 11.01


MALVERN, PA, US – May 19, 2016 – Scala Inc., global provider of digital signage solutions, announces the release of Scala Enterprise 11.01. This update has 16 new features and 149 enhancements, focusing on the speed and performance of cyclic processes in Scala Enterprise Content Manager, enhanced template design and control in Scala Enterprise Designer and new Scala Player certifications and optimized playback. Scala’s digital signage solutions drive more than 500,000 screens worldwide, connecting networks of digital devices to deliver engaging audience experiences.

With the release of Scala Enterprise 11.01, Scala is now providing even greater performance across the board, responding to content designers’ needs for solid network and creative control. Scala Enterprise Designer updates give greater creative design and content control for the template designer. Through the enhanced Script Properties dialog, designers can predetermine the selections a user can make, including fixed media sets, pre-filtered lists, default images and language labels, improving users’ overall experience.

Updates to Scala Enterprise Content Manager focus on improved cyclic processes, streamlining the execution of plan generation and plan sealing. APIs have been extended and performance has been improved, now notably faster for larger database changes. Complementing enhancements in Designer, messaging and workgroups have been streamlined and tightened, ensuring users are only viewing relevant information and accessible assets.

“The template creation enhancements will really strengthen and streamline the design process,” said Scala CPO Peter Cherna. “The new features will simplify the user experience of day-to-day work while ensuring that branding standards are upheld across the network.”

PC Player updates feature increased performance for playback, video and HTML5 (Chromium Embedded Framework updated to 47). Additionally, new players have been certified including the high-performance System on Chip Android-based Panasonic AF1 Series, a range of Android-based IAdea players and Scala Enterprise Player for Chrome have been certified.

Also of note is newly added support for video transparency by adding Apple ProRes AP4H video and streaming video via h.265.


For customers with Scala Maintenance coverage you can download updates from here: Scala Updates

If you are not up-to-date with your maintenance, please contact TechMedia today and take advantage of these and many more new features and enhancements. 

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