Scala 5 Release 10 - New Scala Enterprise Live!

Scala Enterprise is the Next Major Release of the Scala Digital Signage Software Suite

Scala, Inc. announced today that Scala Enterprise is now available for download. This latest release of the Scala Digital Signage Software Suite comes loaded with benefits and new features:

  • Only 4 easy steps to publish engaging digital content

  • Creating amazing interactive and dynamic content with HTML5

  • Improve your ROI with more affordable Android player options

  • Create business opportunities and customize for your unique needs with enhanced APIs

  • The world’s most stable, scalable and proven platform

“… well-engineered, as usual from Scala, for software design and for embracing the cutting edge technology, ” said Sylvain Bigand, Technical Director, TMM Communication France

Scala’s intelligent signage solution, Scala iS, will also be offered with Scala Enterprise. Aimed at retailers and quick service restaurants needing optimized digital content at the point of decision, Scala iS uses “big data” and predictive analytics to drive targeted, personalized customer engagement.

Scala’s new intuitive interface, the result of extensive user-testing, has already shown productivity increases of 35-40%.

Scala Enterprise maintains the proven hallmarks of their robust platform, expertly crafted and innovated over the last 25 years:

  • Flexible – Connect with virtually any data and content source, supports a wide range of interactive and dynamic content

  • Customizable – Infinitely customizable, yet easy to use out of the box

  • Simple – Intuitive templates and web-based interface

  • Scalable – Run one screen, or tens of thousands all from a central location. A track record of proven results from single display installations to enormous global networks

  • Stable – Scala systems are rock solid, constantly refined over 25 years to perform flawlessly

You can find more information and the link to download Scala Enterprise at Release notes can be found at

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