Sale of 100,000th Scala Software Player Marks Milestone

Since the Scala Player was made available in 1987, it has been driving award-winning digital signage networks, including Audi, Mobily, Sprint Studio Store and SF Bio. Most recently, Scala introduced the Scala5 Player in November 2006.

“Not only is this an exciting milestone for Scala, it marks a great advancement for the digital signage industry as a whole,” said Gerard Bucas, Chief Executive Officer of Scala. “We’ve been committed to increasing the reach and prevalence of digital media networks, and it is rewarding to see the number of deployments, screens and success stories continue to rise.”

The content for digital displays is created using Scala Designer or other industry standard applications, and Content Manager then sends that content to Scala Players along with scheduling instructions. A Player runs and updates the content on plasma and LCD screens, televisions and kiosks. Users can schedule and customize text, graphics, sound and video at each Player location, allowing for more flexible networks with varying content.

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