Real Estate Embraces Digital Signage

Walking past the traditional window of a real estate agent you observe the static images of properties for sale and rent. You read the prices, land size, number of bedrooms and see the odd renovators delight. There may be a stand outside of the office with brochures that you can take away without having to walk inside.

That was then, this is now…

The digital revolution has well and truly arrived on the door step of real estate. The windows are still there but the static images are replaced by a digital video display showcasing the entire property. There may be sound or slow moving text providing valuable information to the potential buyer.

With Touchscreens the browsing experience becomes interactive and personal. The customer may not want to go inside the office but they may be more inclined to interact with a Touchscreen placed outside. Real estates can empower the customer even further by incorporating Near Field Communication (NFC) or Beacon Technology into their digital signage solution.

NFC is a wireless, very short range technology that is used to communicate information to and from mobile devices. The range for NFC technology is only a couple of inches so to transmit information the mobile phone must touch or be very close to the transmitter.

By tapping into the “tap culture” real estate agencies allow customers to engage with their digital signage taking away brochures and information about the property on their own devices. 

Using Beacon technology in conjunction with digital signage real estates can communicate directly with smartphones via Bluetooth technology. Potential buyers will receive transmitted information about property listings instantly to their smartphones.

The endless potential of digital signage moves inside the real estate to stage another eye-catching customer experience. Integrating a smart multi touch function instantly gives sales staff the tools to control multiple digital touchscreen kiosks that can be used either in isolation or synchronized.

Property developers can illustrate the evolution of a new estate inside the sales office by running interactive touch screen maps. These digital maps can feature ‘pinch to zoom’ functionality and even a Google Maps widget. Add the WOW factor by including a fly through movie showcasing the future development.

The digital revolution doesn’t stop there. Digital signage moves into the streets, standing directly in front of the property for sale. Good bye static signboards. Hello stunning visual display!

Homes with busy foot traffic can engage with potential buyers as they watch the visual imagery taking them through each room without even stepping foot onto the property. This technology supports remote access from a computer to update and change information on the signboard as required.

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