Perth's new City Link Bus Station, powered by Scala.

Australia, July 4 2016 – Perth, City Link’s second stage, building a new underground bus station, enables the full realisation of a 100-year vision to reconnect the Perth CBD and Northbridge. The underground facility will replace the now demolished Wellington Street Bus Station and will incorporate Australia’s first Dynamic Stand Management System (DSMS) on over 100 digital screens powered by Scala.

RutledgeAV & Nilsen engaged with TechMedia to deliver the Scala Digital Signage software platform for the Perth City Link Project. The Scala Content Manager and players deliver live and up-to-date content and bus stand information from the DSMS to passengers waiting in the lounge on over 100 digital screens and industrial media players installed and commissioned by RutledgeAV.

The new facility is highly passenger-focused with the Perth Busport having a strong emphasis on passenger comfort. The underground lounge is divided into four sections, each with four stands, and operates using a DSMS to allow more buses to efficiently use the underground facility. This means, that from a passenger perspective, Perth Busport will work like an airport. The Scala driven Screens throughout the facility will notify passengers about which stand their bus will use, up to five minutes before departure.

TechMedia will provide a more detailed case study later in 2016 once the full facility is up and running so stay tuned. 

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