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Digital signage offers endless opportunities for communication of messages, advertising, alerts, emergency evacuations, winner announcements the list goes on…

At times the communication needs to be controlled and scheduled. Other times it could be something that requires random and instant activation.

We regularly receive requests from clients asking for functionality specific to their environment. In most cases Scala Enterprise provides the features needed via the Content Manager Web interface, but in some cases, we like to put our scripting skills to the test to refine a function via a customer specific web interface that makes use of the extensive and open Scala Content Manager API to better connect in the way you want, which could be via mobile, tablet, desktop or automated data-driven sources. 

For general purpose triggering and extending the inbuilt Scala trigger capability, TechMedia has designed a mobile web interface application that works between Content Manager and the Players as a simple activation trigger interface.

Manage your screens from your mobile device and your messages and advertising scheduling from Content Manager on your desktop. Instantaneously activate Scala event triggers from any tablet, smartphone or computer.

This general purpose remote triggering solution connects to any Scala channel and enables the channel variables to be manipulated from the web with Triggr.

It’s a quick and easy set up in Content Manager to apply our Triggr interface to connect your players to Triggr.

As soon as you are connected you are live, mobile and ready to control the environment at the touch of a button. This application gives our clients the freedom to move around with mobile device in hand to trigger announcements or turn off/on playlists from anywhere.



Manage one or multiple players. You can attach another player by assigning the player to the same Channel in Content Manager.

Perhaps you have many different players around your establishment that require the same content to be displayed at the same time. By grouping the players in Content Manager you have the power to control simultaneous activation.

This solution is perfect for many hospitality establishments and any public space where the audience is engaged, waiting for a signal or seeking live information.

To find out how to get mobile please contact; [email protected]

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