12 February
DSE 2014

There’s a group of guaranteed winners in Las Vegas: the attendees of Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2014. Hailed as the largest international tradeshow for digital signage, anyone pacing the show floor is sure to be swooned by the endless rows of exhibitions. Standing out is about as tough as a straight flush in a game of Texas hold ‘em. But not to worry, Scala & TechMedia is coming to Vegas with a pocket full of aces.

A connected in-store experience

Scala is once again opening up their digital store on the DSE show floor (booth #736) to illustrate how a retail store can provide a targeted, immersive experience that engages customers across all channels. Scala’s connected store leverages mobile, geo-location, customer data and other interactive technologies (described below) to enable relevant and personalised communications for in-store visitors:

DSE 2014

Gesture Control: By enabling hand gestures to control content, customers can interact with digital displays featuring their favorite products. This creates a fun, futuristic shopping experience that engages the user and those in the surrounding area.

Scala Fling: Customers can share content from their tablets to any screen with a flick of a finger. A retailer can use Scala Fling as an incredible assistive selling tool by walking customers through content on their tablets and ‘flinging’ interesting content to a larger screen. This also grabs the attention of anyone passing by.

Social Media App: A “mash-up” of multiple social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will provide a constant feed of crowd sourced information about what is occurring on the show floor, in speaking sessions and within the Scala booth.

Mobile devices and mobile apps have introduced the world to an unprecedented level of personalized engagement. A growing number of consumers carry devices within the store, which allows retailers to provide a greater experience within the store that was once only achievable online.

Geo-location technology: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices like Apple’s iBeacon are small wireless sensor beacons that pinpoint a customer’s location in the store. They can send customers personalized notifications about items close by that are on sale or relevant to the customer’s interests. Customers can even make payments at the Point-of-Sale (POS), without having to remove their wallets.

What else is in the cards for Scala?

Connected Cafe: Ordering and waiting for a coffee to go will be a breeze at Scala’s coffee bar. With a self-service kiosk, there’s no need to remember a ticket number—your picture is taken when you place your order. Once your coffee is ready, your picture will show up on a screen. While you wait, participate in Scala’s competition to take home a Nest learning Thermostat. All you have to do is tweet about your favorite Scala solution. A lucky winner is drawn every day!

Scala Advanced Analytics: See one part of Scala Advanced Analytics in action. This solution transforms POS data into actionable insights for maximized sales and operational efficiency. Up-to-the-second transactional data from the Connected Cafe will be analyzed on the stand.

Digital Signage in the office: Effective communication is integral to a successful business. Make sure important messages reach your employees by strategically placing digital signage in areas like elevators and lobbies. A visual, dynamic display is more captivating than another email added to inbox clutter.

More bang for your buck: With digital signage, banking and financial institutions have the ability to provide continuously updated and relevant information at strategic times of the day. This allows for optimized messaging to take place peak points of engagement such as waiting areas, behind tellers, at transactional kiosks, and even in drive-through lines.

Scala Enterprise Release: Scala has recently announced Release 10.2 of Scala Enterprise Content Manager and Scala Designer. This new release includes hundreds of improvements and new features with an emphasis on creating an intuitive user experience through a smoother workflow to allow increased productivity, improved folder indexing for searching media files and an enhanced monitoring system.

Speaking Sessions

Don’t miss Scala Customers, Bart Westberg and Seth Wilson from Sprint, presenting the first session of Platt Retail Institute’s Retail Forum, entitled “Transforming Omni-Channel Retailing into a Seamless Customer Experience” on February 11 at 9:15 am PST. More information.

James Fine from Telecine, a Scala Platinum Partner, will be presenting at “Video Walls Unplugged’, a DailyDOOH Thought Leadership Summit on February 11 at 10am PST as part of the pre-show educational programme of Digital Signage Expo. His session is titled “The Art of Signage Seduction… or How to Score With Great Content”. More information.

Scala’s own Dina Townsend, Sr. Director of Retail Strategy will be presenting on the Show Floor in the Digital Signage Workshop Theater on February 13 at 3:30pm PST. Her session is titled “Analyze This: Leveraging Big Data for an Enhanced Customer Experience“. Description: Implement the missing piece of your omni-channel strategy with the power of mobile technologies to create personal, relevant and dynamic experiences. Learn how to leverage data and smart communication to inspire and engage your customers.

In-Stand presentations: Join our exciting in-stand presentations at booth #736! Amy Wilson, Scala product manager, will give a session on Scala’s Connected Store solution for retail. Clive Fort, Scala product manager will give an overview of Scala Enterprise’s latest release, 10.2. Marc Rifkin, Director of Services will discuss message design and planning for your omni-channel strategy.

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