Branded Music Video Channel Design

Running your own entertainment network on digital screens across multiple venues or franchise gym group can be very appealing and financially rewarding.

The most popular combination for in venue entertainment are music videos playing with advertising along with branded promotions.

Whether you are an agency running advertising, a content provider or business owner your entertainment network needs to be managed.

It is very important to keep the music up to date and changing so customers are always entertained. The advertising needs to be fresh and relevant. The promotions need to inform customers about specials, what’s coming up and what’s going on.

TechMedia can provide a cutting edge Content Management and Player solution from a stand-alone business to a full scale multi-site deployment.

All Functionality is achieved from within Scala's customizable programming and scheduling environment. The user interface is Scala's web based Content Manager which gives you total control with loads of built-in innovative features.

Scala Content Manager is used to tag music videos with artist name, song title, label, and your own branding.

All of the scheduling is done in Content Manager. Branded static advertising can be scheduled between or to overlay the music videos on screen while the music continues in the background. Full motion video and audio advertising between music videos and different playlists for specific time frames can all be scheduled via the web-based interface. Scrolling text for promotional messages can also be set up via the Content Manager interface.

TechMedia created Media Metadata so that when you upload each music video you can tag the media with artist name, song title, label, genre etc. By creating a playlist you can program your music videos and advertising together. From there you can schedule the playlists for different times and add an additional static playlist to overlay the music videos. Scala also allows for the creation of playlists automatically, with the Smart Playlist feature. Choose the criteria like music genre, decades and even tempo which let Scala smartly program your playlist.  

TechMedia works in close consultation with clients on the set up and programming work at the beginning of the project and on-going.

For more information about how to run your own entertainment and advertising network contact [email protected]

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