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Bloomberg L.P. is no stranger to digital signage. If you’ve been to one of their offices, you certainly would have noticed the bold screens and innovative ways Bloomberg showcases important real-time information, including news and market data.

Now, any business working to engage their customers [or employees] can get the same content for their Scala signage installations: Bloomberg TV, news videos, personal finance clips, text news and financial data. Bloomberg content is available within OnSite Pro, a flexible product developed in conjunction with Telecine to integrate directly with your Scala Content Manager.

OnSite Pro enables Australian retailers and corporate offices to easily showcase the best of Bloomberg content. For example, a bank branch in Sydney could feature business news, real estate news, investing stories, stock information and the weather, while an office in Brisbane could display Bloomberg live TV in their lobby. OnSite Pro users will appreciate the flexible CMS that allows them to easily choose the best content for each location. The system automatically updates news, videos and data, ensuring content is fresh.

Retailers and others managing signage systems like it because they can brand the experience for their organizations and insert as much of their own content as they like. Once content choices are made, the system updates and manages itself.

The Bloomberg content available on the platform includes:

  • News video clips
  • Educational personal finance video clips
  • Text-only headlines
  • Key market data
    Content can also be filtered by geography, topic, industry and more.

    Increasingly, Australian businesses ranging from retailers to corporate offices use digital signage to engage customers with editorial content. The key is using it in smart ways that help them get the most out of their investment. This means using the right technology, the right content and the right level of personalization.

    Bloomberg OnSitePro for Australian Scala customers will be launching in Australia Q2/Q3 2014.

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