27 October
Analytics update

Our AVA partner Quividi has introduced a series of new features over the last few months, to help VidiCenter users get a deeper understanding of their networks and campaigns’ performances.

Audience Per Content, Now With OTS

We recently upgraded our Audience per content feature with the addition of a new metric: OTS per content, which estimates the number of people who walked past the screens when the content was played.

Remember that Audience per content provides a very granular level of understanding of a content’s performance. All campaigns can be scrutinized against our range of KPIs: number of viewers – as well as their gender, age, mood and attention duration on a second by second level - and now the OTS.

Note: audience per content only works with a few CMS and VidiStudio-generated campaigns at this stage.

Comparison Mode

We have made it easier to compare your results with others on a same dashboard page, in a mirrored way.

The feature makes it possible to compare charts with similar ones coming from different locations or different dates set in another tab of the same dashboard. You can thus spot differences across time, or across different venues.

You can also use this feature to compare your venue's performance to our benchmark, which covers a range of venue types. Please consult Quividi for the activation of that feature.

Charts Per Site

We introduced a new series of charts, which can now display sites side by side, instead of locations.

If you have different geographical addresses, ie different sites, you will now be able to compare their aggregated results.

In general, we recommend you’d take advantage of adding an address and a venue type to each of your sites (in the Manager module), in order to enable plotting the alerts and results on a map and accessing benchmark information.

Use Of Sites To Select Locations

Also, you can now select all locations within a site by using the new Site button in the Location configuration panel.

The benefit of this method is that, if you add locations to those selected sites in the future, they will be automatically added to your dashboard.

Remember you can also select locations by using Tags, ie keywords that you can define in the Manager section to identify specific locations or sites with similar characteristics.

More Granular Understanding And Better Readability

We now provide some daily charts with a 15 minute granularity.

In the same spirit, you can now set time filters to only display data ranging from 9:15 to 17:45 if you’d like. These filters apply to all charts on the page.

Because granularity can make your charts difficult to read, we have added a tweak to our location and content charts: you can now rotate their axis to make them easier to read by pressing the "Wrench" icon on the top right of the chart.

Page Printing

At last, it is possible to print each page by pressing the ‘Print’ icon on the top of each page.

A typical use of that function is to print to PDF in order to save a copy of your page for future reference.

Note that this function is still in beta mode. It works best under Google Chrome. Also, you can’t print several tabs together at once at this stage.

To find out more about Quividi new features please contact; [email protected]

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