AdManager Latest Release Now Available

One System. All Media.

With AdManger you can:
  • Analyse data from different perspectives and summarize into useful information to increase revenue and cut costs
  • See and analyse the total flow of data to effectively manage each stage of the sales cycle
  • Create, manage and update campaigns in minutes to increase occupancy rates
  • Seamlessly integrate with accounting packages to manage all billing and leasing needs
  • Record, schedule and track all tasks for sites, structures and faces. Deliver ‘smart’ posting instructions
  • See and analyse real-time data within your organization to create detailed reports
This latest version includes notable changes:
  • The ability to view how much Open Space you have on digital locations for a specified time frame
  • Adding a list of email addresses for electronic billing purposes
  • A dedicated column for Agencies on your list view
  • A user field for Inventory Designs
  • We've also made it harder to accidentally delete a user field

In Ad Manager 5.7.5 you will now have the ability to add a size and description to Locations, to provide more information on the digital unit. 

You will also be able to run conflict checks for Digital Contracts.

For more information please contact [email protected]

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