Ad Manager UGM 2015

The Dot2Dot Communications Ad Manager User Group Meeting taking place in Toronto, Ontario on September 20-22 is fast approaching. 3 days, 13 sessions, experts and peers to educate and inspire on how to get the most out of Ad Manager on a daily basis.

TechMedia will be in Canada and the Dot2Dot Client Services Team is well under way with creating an action-packed agenda.
To kick things off teams will experience some of the city’s hot spots as part of the Ad Manager Scavenger Hunt. Some of the
Ad Manager breakout sessions offered include:

Maximizing Your Inventory – Ad Manager has a number of different ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your inventory. 

Ad Manager for Sales & Management – There`s a lot of information and great tools at your finger tips, and you don`t need to
know all of the details to access it.

Android Billposter – Ad Manager`s Billposter app eliminates the need for paper lists. It also automates the data entry process!

Financial Billing & Leasing – Learn how to set-up your billing and how to use allocations to distribute revenues and report.

Digital Cool Stuff – As a Scala Master Distributor we’ve got the know-how on how digital media is being used around the world… tap into this knowledge base!

UGM 2015 promises to offer a unique opportunity of collaboration, education sessions and social activities that are sure to engage and improve how different departments use Ad Manager on a daily basis.

Learn more about this exciting event at UGM 2015

About Dot2Dot Communications

Dot2Dot delivers a unique combination of 30+ years’ hands-on experience, industry-leading proprietary ad management software, and sole Canadian distributorship for the world’s leading digital signage software company, Scala Inc. Our award-winning fully integrated solutions are backed by best-in-class partners to provide a full range of services from installation and network hosting to content strategy, creative design, scheduling, and audience measurement. Dot2Dot Communications is independently owned.

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