Media Playback Devices


Guarantee reliable, timely delivery of content to your digital signage players with Scala’s Series 250 & Series 1000 Content Accelerator

Keep your entire digital signage library on the same network as your digital signage players.

  • Deliver media-rich experiences with no delay or buffering.
  • Expand in-store digital signage without worrying about your network.

The Scala Content Accelerator is based on SuperLumin Cache technology. SuperLumin, a STRATACACHE company, helps Enterprise to significantly reduce network performance challenges by decreasing the overall volume of content moving over the provider network. Our technologies identify frequently requested data and store it on a local device otherwise known as caching. Caching eliminates the need to repeatedly transmit the same content over and over again, severely slowing down your network.

CPU Intel® Celeron™ J1900 2.00/2.41GHz
Memory 4GB/8GB
Graphics N/A
Expansion Slots N/A
Weight 0.5Kg
Media Storage 250GB SSD / 1TB HDD

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